Is the diability benefits I receive for my son solely his money?

Q: I am in receipt of income support and carers allowance for the care of my son who is disabled and I recieve his disability allowance on his behalf because he is illiterate.

Is the income support which is paid in to my bank account regarded as my income and not my husband’s income?

Is it also correct that my son’s disability allowance is for him and not to be used to pay the bills and his father must financially maintain him since he is not able to work due to his disabilities.

الجواب حامدا ومصليا ومنه الصدق والصواب

A: Your husband is responsible for your maintenance including food, clothing and lodging irrespective of your own income or savings. i.e., even if you are wealthy yourself, the responsibility of your maintenance lies upon your husband. It is not something you must ask for but rather something he is obliged to provide. Thus, the income support and carer’s allowance you receive is your money and this does not absolve your husband of his duty to prove for your maintenance.

The maintenance of your son devolves firstly upon his own wealth. The disability living allowance is the sole property of your son and does not belong to you or your husband. It must be used only for the benefit of your son. If your son has his own wealth which includes the disability living allowance then his maintenance will firstly be met from there. If his own wealth is not sufficient to meet his maintenance needs then the balance will devolve upon your husband. Your son’s disability allowance may be used to contribute to his share of the bills.

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