How should I dispose of income earned from a carnival game?

Q: I worked in a carnival in the summer and it was a kids’ game where they drop a quarter (money) into different slots that had (for example colours, different months) and then I would roll the ball. If for example the ball lands on the month September then anyone who put a quarter in September gets a doll/ prize. The people who put the money in the other slots get nothing and lose their quarter. This is kind of like biDding but you lose your money no matter what and the winner gets a prize (toy) instead.

I was wondering if I am allowed to keep the money because I quit my job after getting a feeling that it was not permissible and I made about $150. I felt bad about the situation and donated $150 to the Muslim Students’ Association at my school. I took the $150 out of my personal money and still did not cash the cheque from the summer job. I was wondering if I can cash the cheque because I already took the $150 out of my money without knowing the ruling on what should be done with the money?


الجواب حامدا ومصليا ومنه الصدق والصواب


A: The ‘game’ described in the question is a form of gambling and any earnings therefrom are unlawful.  As you have as yet not received the money any pre-emptive donation from your own money will not be considered as being a cleansing of unlawful earnings.  This is only possible once the money is received and the comingled with your own money.  Therefore, you should simply dispose of the cheque and not cash it.

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