Would my income made from treating patients with Botox be halal?

Q: I write with regards to Botox treatment. I understand that there are differences of opinion with regards to Botox. I would like to know  whether or not the income from Botox treatment is halal?


الجواب حامدا ومصليا ومسلما ومنه الصدق والصواب

A: In principle, if Botox does not contain any unlawful ingredient and is safe to use it may be used for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. However, if Botox contains an unlawful ingredient or it is not safe then it cannot be used for cosmetic purposes. It may however be used for therapeutic purposes if there is no permissible alternative and the need outweighs the relative harm. Permissibility of income will depend on permissibility of the treatment.


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