What is the status of the wealth of a revert acquired through haram means?

Q: What is the status of such wealth of a revert which was accrued by him/her prior to accepting Islam and was done So through haraam means?

E.g. such pension policies which invested in haraam unit trust companies etc. liquor, pork industry?

Is there a difference between riba-warned wealth and haraam product earned wealth of a revert (pre Islam and post Islam.) I.e. is ribaa earned wealth haraam immaterial whether it was preislam or post Islam? Whereas wealth earned through haraam products such as alcohol pork etc, pre Islam earned could be deemed permissible?

الجواب حامدا ومصليا ومسلما ومنه الصدق والصواب

A: Any wealth that is accrued by a non-Muslim living in a non-Muslim state is not subject to the laws of Shariah. Such wealth is not decreed to be unlawful provided that it is within the laws of the non-Muslim state. This includes liquor, pork and even interest. If a non-Muslim reverts to Islam having accrued such wealth, that wealth remains lawful after the reversion.

However, any subsequent wealth accrued after the reversion must conform to the laws of Shariah. Equally, any wealth accrued before the reversion in a manner that it has neither sanction from the Shariah nor from the legal system of the non-Muslim state is not lawful.

Therefore, any pension that was invested in non Shariah-compliant unit trust companies, liquor and pork etc. is lawful up to the point of reversion.

From this point the pension must be transferred to a Shariah-compliant option. There is no difference between riba-earned wealth and unlawful commodity earned wealth in this regard in a non-Muslim state.

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