Is my income haram if a percentage of my income is from haram means?

Q: I work for a software distribution company, where the revenue is generated by selling the software to different types of companies like Oil & Gas, Media, Banks, Hospitals, Airlines, etc. We are not sure how their revenue is generated.

I understand that banks run on the concept of riba and it is haram to work there. Similarly on the other sectors like Media, Alcohol companies, etc.

As my company’s revenue is generated from the money paid by these industries and my company pays my salary from this income, is my salary haram?

الجواب حامدا ومصليا ومنه الصدق والصواب

A: The basic principle is that if the majority of the income of the company you are employed by is from lawful sources then your earnings will be halal.

Equally, (whilst it is highly unlikely) if the company keeps its lawful and unlawful earnings separate and you are remunerated from only the lawful earnings your earnings will be halal even if the majority of the company’s earnings are unlawful. However, if the majority of the company’s earnings are unlawful or you are remunerated exclusively from unlawful earnings then your earnings too will be unlawful.

Whilst a bank may be interest based, not all roles in a bank are unlawful.

Equally, non-Muslims are permitted to deal in alcohol and any remuneration from the profit from alcohol sales is permitted for a Muslim to receive.

So provided that your particular job role is lawful in Islam the remuneration you earn is lawful unless the majority of the mixed funds of your employer are from haram sources or you employer pays you specifically from a haram source.

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