How can I make up for being dishonest with insurance companies?

Q: I have been dishonest when it comes to car insurance for e.g. by claiming on someone else’s, falsifying mileage and driving without insurance. How can I rectify these mistakes?

I used my dad’s break down cover on my car which covers, the cover holder on multiple cars, with my dad’s permission, to get my car opened while the keys were in the car.

I drove a car insured by my dad while learning to drive, but I wasn’t insured. We didn’t claim any money from the insurance.

I took out car insurance but stated lower mileage than I might drive when I took the insurance out. I didn’t claim any money from the insurance.

الجواب حامدًا و مصليًا و منه الصدق و الصواب


1. As you have deceptively utilised a service you were not entitled to, you must first seek repentance and secondly pay the break-down provider for the service it has provided.

2. You did wrong to drive your father’s car. However, you do not owe the insurance company any money.

3. You should seek repentance for your lie. However, you do not owe the insurance company any money as the contract is defective from the onset.


* The individual then responded with the following query:

I’m in predicament as to how to repay them for the service they have provided, without getting into trouble, as they can see this as fraud, and getting anyone else in trouble.

One way to repay them without punitive measures is to take out a policy with them to the extent or more than what will cover the cost of the service you availed of but then not utilise their service even if the need arises.

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