Do I pay zakat on the gold that I wear?

Q:  Do I pay zakat on the gold that I wear? some people follow the opinion that you dont have to pay zakat on what you wear, only on what you save or hold?

الجواب حامدا ومصليا ومسلما ومنه الصدق والصواب


A: The issue of the liability of zakat upon gold jewellery has remained a point of dispute right from the early days of Islam.  In the opinion of the Hanafi School zakat is payable.  This also the reported opinion of Umar ra, Abdullah ibn Amr ra, Ibn Abbaas ra, Ibn Mas’ud ra, Sa’eed ibn al-Musayyib, ‘Ataa, Sa’eed ibn Jubair, Abdullah ibn ‘Amr ibn Shaddaad, Maimun ibn Mahraan, Ibn Seereen, Mujaahid, Jaabir ibn Zaid, Ibn Shihaab al-Zuhari and Sufyaan al-Thawri. In contrast, Imam Malik and and Imam hold that zakat is not payable.  This is also the reported opinion of Ibn Umar ra, Jaabir ibn Abdullaah ra, Aaisha ra, Asmaa bint Abu Bakr, Imam al-Sha’bi, Muhammad Ibn Ali, al-Qaaasim ibn Muammad, Amrah, Ishaaq, Abu Ubaid and Abu Thawr.  Imam al-Shaafi’ee is reported to have initially adopted this position but later on chose to withhold his opinion.  [الإشراف على مذاهب العلماء لابن النذر ، باب زكاة الحلى]  Of course, it is more prudent to give zakat for those who adhere to the Maliki and Hanbali schools.

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