Can I work for a company that does background verification of people?

Q: I Am working with a US based 3rd party verification company.My job profile is do a background verification for an applicant who has applied for a job in a company in the US. For example, if a job seeker wants to apply for a job in any company in the US, that company will send the details to us for doing a background verification for the job seeker whether the job seeker has given the right information in his bio data. I have to call the job seekers previous company and check if the details given are matching with what he has given. My question here is, if the job is halaal? Job seeker who wants to get a job in the bank or likewise , I will have to do a verification for this job seeker as well. Please provide a detailed answer. JazakAllahu khairan.


الجواب حامدا ومصليا ومسلما ومنه الصدق والصواب

A: There are two material aspects to your question. Firstly, conducting a background check per se. Conducting a background check for a business whose core function is contrary to sharia principles. As for the first, the normative position is that an individual has a right to personal privacy which includes social and financial affairs. Such rights protect the individual from surreptitious and unsolicited search for information. Spying is forbidden by the clear text of the Holy Qur’an; similarly too is unwarranted suspicion that is offensive and degrading to the individual. [Al-Hujuraat: 12] The Sunnah is equally emphatic on the subject of unfounded suspicion, which is seen to be the starting point of spying. “Beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the most untruthful of statements. Do not spy and do not pursue hidden circumstances.” [Al-Bukhari] However, where there is a clear case of public interest, such as in the case of enemies, spying and intelligence gathering is allowed. Furthermore, even in the private sphere, there is also a certain degree of subjectivity inherent in the concept of privacy which is also influenced by custom, public opinion and culture. To this end, it is expected if not expressly stated that background verification checks will be made for job applicants whom the company may be seeking to employ. Of course, such verifications should be proportionate to the role concerned and should not venture in to the domain of unwarranted enquiry. As for the second, the role of conducting a background check does not of itself entail a prohibited act provided the provisions of answer no. 1 are met. According to the principles of Imam Abu Hanifa (ra), it is permissible to earn an income from such activity even if the business uses then goes on to use that information of its own accord in an impermissible manner. However, according to the principles of Imam Abu Yusuf (ra) and Imam Muhammad (ra), performing such task will amount to aiding in sin if the activity of the business is not sharia complaint and, consequently, it will not be permissible. The income received from such function will also be unlawful.

ففى رد المحتار: قوله: (وجاز تعمير كنيسة) قال فى الخانية: ولو آجر نفسه ليعمل فى الكنيسة ويعمرها لا بأس به لأنه لا معصية فى عين العمل. قوله: (وحمل خمر ذمى) قال الزيلعى: وهذا عنده وقالا: هو مكروه ” لأنه عليه الصلاة والسلام {لعن فى الخمر عشرة وعد منها حاملها} “. وله أن الإجارة على الحمل وهو ليس بمعصية ، ولا سبب لها وإنما تحصل المعصية بفعل فاعل مختار. وليس الشرب من ضرورات الحمل لأن حملها قد يكون للإراقة أو للتخليل ، فصار كما إذا استأجره لعصر العنب أو قطعه. والحديث محمول على الحمل المقرون بقصد المعصية. اهـ. زاد فى النهاية وهذا قياس وقولهما استحسان. ثم قال الزيلعى: وعلى هذا الخلاف لو آجره دابة لينقل عليها الخمر أو آجره نفسه ليرعى له الخنازير يطيب له الأجر عنده وعندهما يكره . (كتاب الحظر والإباحة ، فصل فى البيع ، 6/392-391)

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