Can I use breakdown cover when I am not in the car? What should I do if I have already done this?

Q: Can I use breakdown cover when I am not in the car? What should I do if I have already done this?

I have a car break down cover for myself, which allows me to drive any car or be a passenger and call upon the breakdown cover. If I wanted to use it for a family members car at my home or their work, I believe I should be able to use it, if I’m the driver of the vehicle or a passenger.

However what if I’m not present there with the vehicle as a passenger but I want to use it as such?

If I have used it while not present with the car for a family member; Will it be appropriate for me to upgrade my membership such that it covers the callout cost, which would have been that day? One option is to upgrade my membership by the cost of the family member being added to my policy or by the cost of getting the member separate membership.

الجواب حامدا ومصليا ومسلما ومنه الصدق والصواب

A: One can only avail of the permissible levels of breakdown cover as per agreement with the provider. If the provider does not allow being called out when the policyholder is not present then it is not permissible to do so. Further details on permitted levels of breakdown cover can be found within the research paper available here.

As you were not entitled to the service provided by the provider you have to pay the provider the cost of the service to a non-member. A simple retrospective upgrade to cover family members will not suffice unless the provider itself agrees to this. The correct way to do this would be to be explain the situation to your provider and offer to pay the cost of the service provided as it would be for a non-member even if this results in the cancellation of your own cover due to breach of contract. If you do not wish to do this for fear of punitive measures you must still pay for the service already provided through some other means. One way would be to pay the cost of the service provided for a non-member to the provider by way of increasing your level of cover and then not availing of the additional cover or by taking out separate cover for the family member and then not availing of it as in both these cases the payment is actually for services already provided.


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