Can I insure my business?

Q: I’m in the process of opening an Internet pharmacy and just needed clarification on which types of insurance would be permissible

  • Employers liability. This is a legal requirement when employing staff and is to cover them in case of personal injury etc at work. If there was to be an incident then the potential amounts involved could be very significant
  • Professional indemnity. This covers any mistakes that could lead to patient harm. If a patient claims then the bill could be massive and would not be manageable should the worst happen. All pharmacists are generally expected to have this
  • Stock and computer/ equipment cover. These are essential items that are needed to keep the business running and would need immediately replacing if there was damage/theft. The business as well as patients requirements are dependent on this
  • Business turnover protection should anything happen then it covers the profits the business would have been making while a claim is being processed. Not necessary but would it be ok? Comes as standard with some policies


الجواب حامدا ومصليا ومسلما ومنه الصدق والصواب


A: In principle, when insurance cover is a legal requirement or it is to protect oneself from intolerable litigation in a litigious society, [in the absence of permissible insurance] one may resort to conventional insurance.  However, if the insurance cover is not a legal requirement and is only to make a claim in the event of loss, then this is not permitted.  Thus, employers liability and professional indemnity insurance can be tolerated but not stock and computer/equipment cover and business turnover protection, even if the latter comes as standard.  Resorting to conventional insurance is valid only when is compelled, not when it is elective or to gain benefit.

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