What is the view on working as a payment protection insurance handler?

Q: Is it permissible as a case handler investigating payment protection insurance complaints?

The role involves the following aspects: 

1) Investigating PPI complaints and if they have been mis-sold. The role involves identifying if a policy was mis-sold by following bank process and procedures and determining if a case is mis-sold.

2) Role operates from a bank but employed through an agency. So whilst the role is in a  bank head office, we are not employed directly by them but rather by an outsourcing agency company who pay us.

A: Where a case handler only helps a customer to recover a PPI claim then this would be a praiseworthy act. However if your role involves the duty of affirming that a PPI contract is not ‘mis-sold’ then this would be blameworthy. At the same time, if this judgement helps the bank in upholding the contract then this would amount to aiding in sin.

The answer provided in the link stands:

Provided that the job is lawful, it is permissible to work for an outsourcing company contracted by a bank.

Mufti Bilal Omarjee

Al Qalam Shari’ah Panel

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