Ongoing Research

Why we are sometimes unable to reply quickly to questions?

Every week we receive numerous questions. The majority of these will have already been answered in a slightly different format on our Q&A service, and will be based on established fiqh principles set out in our Completed Research. We can therefore swiftly answer these queries by referring the questioner to the existing answer.

Once these questions have been prepared, they are posted (in a suitably anonymised format) to our Q&A section as Latest Updates.

A small number of these new answers will require additional research into underlying principles. This requisite research process will likely take many months hence the replies to these questions will unfortunately face lengthy delays.

A call for collaboration on new research

There are currently four such areas requiring additional research we are looking into as detailed below.

We welcome suggestions and contributions from other scholars / sector professionals who have conducted relevant research in these areas – please email if you wish to collaborate with us in this regard.

(1) Concept of citizenship in a non Muslim country and how this affects permissibility of certain contracts which may ordinarily be impermissible

(2) The permissibility of trading FOREX on spot basis

(3) Permissibility of certain types of pension contract available in the UK

(4) Permissibility of trading in crypto currencies

As and when these research areas are completed, we will post the research papers to our Completed Research section, and also post the relevant Q&A in concise format.