Al-Qalam Sharī‘ah Scholar Panel seeks to provide British Imams and Muslims with authentic referenced expertise on how to properly apply Sharī‘ah precepts to common place legal and financial concerns. Whilst the majority of our work focuses around Charity (Zakāh and Sadaqah) and Wills (Wasiyyah), we also provide guidance on Trusts, Pensions, Child Trust Funds, Divorce Settlements, Investments, Contracts and other such financial and legal matters.

Our panel has been set up on a charitable footing, enabling us to advise Imams and other grass root community-based organisations and individuals on a pro-bono basis. Our chair, Mufti Zubair Butt, oversees our online fatawa service.

For corporate bodies, we offer chargeable advisory and training services on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis. All profits thereby generated are used to either meet the running costs of the panel, or donated to charity.

As part of our service to Imams and Mosques, we frequently hold regional day-long training programmes for Imams, which seek to equip scholars with the requisite information required to better answer questions themselves on the aforementioned topics.

All chargeable services are offered via Sharī‘ah Consultancy Services Limited which is licensed to provide services on behalf of the Al-Qalam Sharī‘ah Panel.

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Community Support

Al-Qalam provide various pro-bono services to grass root organisations and individuals wishing to better apply Sharī‘ah precepts to common-place legal and financial concerns.

These services include:

    • An online edict (fatwa) service
    • Provision of speakers for seminars/talks at mosques, universities, churches and other community organisations
    • Regional scholar training day events – click here for details


Should you require further information please contact info@alqalam.org.uk.